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    Drugs seized, suspects detained

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan and NATO-led forces seized 30 kilograms of narcotics in southern Helmand province, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Saturday.

    The illicit drugs were recovered on Friday during a random vehicle check to intercept insurgents' material, narcotics traffickers and weapons being transported in and out of the province.

    An ISAF statement said two vehicles were stopped during a checkpoint operation.Two men in the first vehicle were detained for suspected insurgent and narcotics links.

    "While the patrol was detaining the suspects in the first car, the second vehicle left the scene.The combined forces followed the second vehicle to a nearby compound," the statement added.

    After a search of the compound, the security personnel discovering 20 kilograms of wet opium and 10 kilograms of marijuana.The narcotics were destroyed at the scene. Afghan police are questioning the detainees.