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    5 dead in traffic accidents

    QALAT (PAN): Five people were killed in separate traffic accidents on Kabul-Kandahar and Kabul-Mazar-i-Sharif highways, officials said on Monday.

    Two people were killed when a Toyota car -- coming from Kabul -- crashed into a truck in the Kelagai area of Doshi district in Baghlan province Sunday night.

    Baghlan traffic chief, Mahboobullah Sadat blamed the car driver for the accident.

    In southern Zabul province, three people were killed when a van crashed into a passenger bus in Qalat, the provincial capital.

    The bus driver managed to escape, said the governor's spokesman, Muhammad Jan Rasulyar. Police are looking for him.

    A taxi driver in the area, Subhanullah, said 303 bus drivers were generally reckless. He asked traffic officials to discuss the issue with transport companies to save the lives of passengers.