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    Agriculture research farm being established

    LASHKARGAH (PAN): The governor of southern Helmand province on Sunday laid the foundation stone of an agricultural research farm.

    Speaking to reports at the foundation stone-laying ceremony, Muhammad Gubal Mangal said the research farm was being established on 125 acres of land in the Boland area of Lashkarghah city, the provincial capital.

    Research would be carried out on different kinds of seeds before handing them over to farmers, the governor added.

    Fruit plants would be researched at the farm to know what kind of budding or grafting had good impact on quality and quantity of fruits.

    He hoped farmers would start receiving fruit tree saplings from the research field after two or three years.

    He said the farm would have a proper irrigation system, a retaining wall, buildings for professional and administrative staff and other necessary facilities. He added the farm would also have seed storages and experiment facilities.

    The farm would cost $600,000 provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mangal said.

    Improved quality seeds, including fruit and fruitless trees, would be brought from developed countries to the farm and would be kept under experiment by experts for adaptation, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Director, Abdullah Ahmadzai, said.