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    100,000 people displaced in volatile Afghan regions

    WASHINGTON (PAN): More than 100,000 people have been rendered internally displaced in volatile southern and eastern Afghanistan as the security situation deteriorates in the regions, said ambassador Zahir Tanin.

    "This year we have yet again witnessed deterioration of security in parts of Afghanistan. Over the last twelve months, the circumstances contributed to a rise in internal displacement of over 100,000 persons, mostly in the southern and eastern parts of the country," the Afghan ambassador the UN said in his address to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, which deals on human rights issues.

    "Throughout these trying times, the international humanitarian agencies have been indispensable and both our government and people are tremendously appreciative for the assistance in the emergency response in dealing with these situations," he said.

    Tanin said the Afghan government is committed to bringing back its people who are staying at refugees in camps across the border.

    "During this year alone, the number of refugees who have returned to Afghanistan already exceeds 100,000. Guiding a sustainable repatriation which prioritises reintegration will continue to be the focus of our discussions with the governments of Iran and Pakistan during our respective Tripartite Commission meetings in cooperation with the UNHCR," he said.

    Nevertheless, 2.7 million registered Afghan refugees still remain in Pakistan and Iran, he said adding that successful homecoming of Afghans abroad remains a main concern of the government.

    "More than 5.5 million Afghans have found their ways back to their homeland since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, which constitutes one of the largest and most successful voluntary repatriation programs in recent decades," he said.