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    BADAKHSHAN, Apr 29 2009:  A caravan of Kyrgyz horse riders travels passing through narrow path next to a gorge. The Little Pamir of Afghanistan is difficult to reach, as traveling requires days of travel on horseback through high passes, narrow paths next to gorges, and extreme tracks. In winter, when the river frozen, it's possible to travel on the ice - which makes the track shorter and relatively easier. PAJHWOK/Agustinus WibowoGovernance

    AAF brings aid to Badakhshan

    KABUL (PAN): Accompanied by their NATO partners, Afghan Air Force (AAF) officials recently delivered aid to villagers as part of humanitarian assistance to Baharak residents in the remote northern province of Badakhshan, the alliance said on Saturday.

    Intended for children, the delivery was part of a continued effort by coalition forces to foster a positive relationship with the Afghans, said Maj. Sanjoy C. Malhotra, communications advisor to the 438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.

    More than 2,000 kilograms of provisions consisting of toys, furniture, clothes and school supplies were presented during a gift-giving ceremony set up between the coalition forces and children of the village.

    "One of our missions with counterinsurgency is winning hearts and minds. Handing out supplies hopefully helps people get the message that we are here to do that," said Lt. Col. Bernard M. Willi, 438th AEAG deputy commander.

    Maj. Malhotra said the people needed to see the Afghan Air Force taking care of them. He noted the importance for Afghans to see their countrymen providing support.