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    Gas well inaugurated in Shiberghan

    SHIBERGHAN (PAN): A gas well, having the capacity to produce 40,000 cubic metres of gas in 24 hours, was inaugurated in northern Jawzjan province, officials said on Monday.

    Gas would be supplied from the well Khwaja Gogardak area to run a factory of chemical fertiliser and electricity in neighbouring Balkh province, he added.

    Acting head of Afghan Gas Enterprise, Eng. Abdul Hameed, told Pajhwok Afghan News the well, locked up by Russians, was operationalised by Afghan engineers. He said the gas supply to the factory in Mazar-i-Sharif started after the well's pressure was assessed.

    According to the Jawzjan governor, the well will produce more than 320,000 cubic metres of gas in 24 hours to run the fertiliser and power factory.

    Muhammad Alam Syee promised some of the 142 gas wells in the province would be cleaned to ensure supply to Shiberghan and nearby areas.

    There are 36 gas wells currently operating in the province. Thirty of them are providing gas to the factory and six to residents.