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    Afghans seek missing relatives in Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD (PAN): Dozens of Afghans protested outside the Afghan embassy in Islamabad on Tuesday, calling for information about their missing elatives

    Protesters chanted slogans against embassy officials and held aloft photos of their loved ones, who have been missing for months or days.

    "My uncle was abducted by unidentified gunmen from Peshawar nine months back and he is still missing," said Khalilullah, a resident of Baghlan province. He said he sought police help and visited the Afghan embassy several times, but to no avail.

    Zalmay, another protester, said his father had been kidnapped two months before. He said he had no information about whether his father was alive or dead.

    Zalmay said he had visited the Afghan embassy in Islamabad three times, but his petition had not yet been registered.

    "Now we have decided to continue protesting unless the embassy pays attention to our problems," he said.

    "My 17-year-old nephew was abducted from Islamabad by unknown people a week back," said Mosa Khan, another protester.

    Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Majnoon Gulab Zazi, declined to comment on the situation.

    However, an official at the embassy, Alozay, acknowledged that more than 500 Afghans were missing in Pakistan.

    "We can't say anything further until the Pakistani government officially informs us about the missing persons," he said.

    The Pakistan Supreme Court has been investigating the missing persons cases. Many believe the Pakistani intelligence agency has detained hundreds of people in recent years.