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    ‘I disclosed Iran’s disruptive politics in my book’: Mamoon

    KABUL(PAN): An Afghan journalist, Razaq Mamoon, on Wednesday accused Iran of being behind an acid attack that left him with burns to his face and hands.

    Mamoon, the director of the Bust-i-Bastan News Agency, was attacked on Tuesday evening in the Macro Ryan area of Kabul. He was rushed to Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan hospital where is he being treated.

    The veteran journalist, who has worked for the BBC as well as Radio Liberty and Tolo TV, has written four books. His most recent, Rad-i-Pai-Firaaon, (Footprint of Pharaoh) was mainly about the role of Iran in Afghanistan’s civil war.

    "It was clearly mentioned in the book how Iran wanted to divide Afghanistan so they could remove the patriots and raise their puppets," Mamoon told Pajhwok in an exclusive interview from his hospital bed on Wednesday.

    He also described how Iranian spies came to Afghanistan, got identity cards and married Afghan women so they could carry out “disruptive” activities without suspicion.

    Mamoon said after he published the book, he received death threats through his friends.

    "My friends would always insist that I have a bodyguard, but I refused and just said that God would protect me," he said.

    Shamim, sitting next to her husband’s bed at the hospital, said both her husband and the publisher of the book had received death threats.

    A spokesman for the Iranian embassy avoided commenting on Mamoon’s accusations, saying the Iranian government would issue a response in a press conference.

    No one has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.