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    Karzai condemns acid attack on journalist

    KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday strongly condemned the acid attack on Afghan journalist Razaq Mamoon and ordered the perpetrators be brought to justice.

    Mamoon, the director of the Bust-i-Bastan News Agency, was attacked by a masked man in the passage-way to his apartment, in the Macroryan area of Kabul city on Tuesday. Mamoon suffered burns to his face and hands and is being treated at Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital.

     “The president condemns the cowardly attack with the most intensive words,” the statement said.

    Karzai had also called Mamoon to enquire about his condition, it said.

    The president urged health officials to make every possible effort to improve Mamoon’s health, and if necessary take him abroad for treatment, the statement said.

    Mamoon has accused Iran of being involved in the attack against him because he revealed in his book Rad-i-Pai Firaaon, (Footprint of Pharaoh), how Iranian spies had come to Afghanistan to try to destabilise the country.

    The government of Iran has not commented on the issue so far.

    Afghan Independent Journalists Association also condemned attack and urged the government to seriously pursue the perpetrators.

    Kabul police said they had launched an investigation, but have not made any arrests so far.