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    10 bank workers detained in Khost

    KHOSTCITY(PAN): Ten employees of two banks – the Kabul Bank and Da Afghanistan Bank – have been arrested on the accusation of fraudulently withdrawing 64 million afghanis ($1.41million), an official said on Sunday.

    The detainees included seven staffers of the government-run Da Afghanistan Bank and three employees of the private Kabul Bank, Governor Abdul Jabar Naeemi told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    He said the accused had withdrawn the money from the Khost central bank's branch in the southeastern province

    The arrests were part of an investigation into the case by a commission, Naeemi said, adding the central bank's branch head, cashier and some other employees had stolen the 64 million afghanis through a fake cheque. All suspects, but the branch head and the cashier, have been arrested, he added.

    The commission investigating the case has so far recovered more than 10 million of the money, the governor said.

    The Kabul Bank's employees had confessed to preparing the fake cheque during their investigation, Naeemi said.

    Efforts were being made to arrest Da Afghanistan Bank branch chief and the cashier, he said, hoping their arrests would help recover the whole stolen money.

    A month back, the central bank's Khost branch was closed for six days after its employees escaped.