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    Afghans celebrate Valentine's Day on Facebook

    KABUL (PAN): It might have been overshadowed by a suicide attack in the Afghan capital, but Valentine’s Day still found a place in Afghanistan – mostly on the internet. 

    Afghans on Facebook used the social networking site to wish their friends and loved ones well, share photos and gifts and debate whether Muslims should celebrate St Valentine’s Day, a non-Islamic holiday, at all.

    "I wish that every day could be the same as Valentine's Day in order to share gifts with friends," Mohammad Shafiq, one facebook user wrote.

    Wais Nawrozi, another user, said Valentine's Day was a day for connecting the hearts of friends and urged people to use the opportunity to renew their promises with friends. Some also shared on their walls the gifts they had bought or received from friends or loved ones.

    Fariba Rashidi said she received a mobile phone and a bouquet of flowers from her fiancé.

    Jamila posted a picture of an actress on her wall and congratulated her friends who were in love.

    Khalid Kuhistan posted a romantic Iranian movie to his wall.

    Other users argued whether Muslims should celebrate a non-Islamic holiday.

    "There is no Valentine's Day in Islam," one user said on his wall, prompting a flurry of 44 comments from other friends either rejecting or supporting his statement.

    This user also shared a picture with text which said: "Sorry Valentine's Day, I am a Muslim."

    Many other people noted that the suicide attack at Kabul City Centre, a popular shopping centre in the capital, happened on Valentine’s Day.

    "The terrorists celebrated Valentine's Day at Kabul City Centre, what about you?" In response, another user said: "It was cruel and the repetition of such attacks not only takes this day of love from us, but it also endangers our lives."  

    Two security guards were killed when the suicide bomber blew himself up.