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    Plan for 2 towns of New Kabul ready

    KABUL (PAN): Plans for the first two new towns in “New Kabul” have been completed and will be implemented by March 21, 2012, officials said on Monday.

    The master plan for a new capital was approved by the Cabinet in 2009, the executive chief of New Kabul project, Ghuilam Sakhi Hasanzada, told reporters during a press conference.

    New Kabul will be built on 740km2 between Kabul international airport and Bagram airfield, and will be completed in 15 years, he said.

    The two new towns will be completed in two years by the private sector and will have schools, healthcare centres, parks and other facilities, he said.

    About 6,400 residences will be built in one town and12,000 in the other, he said.

    The two projects will cost about $200 million (90.5 million afghanis) which had been donated by Japan, he said, adding, the projects will be put out to tender by the end of the next Afghan year, which starts March 21.

    The head of independent board of New Kabul project, Mohammad Ishaq Nadiri, said three million residences will be constructed in 15 years which will provide work opportunities for 300,000 people.

    The environmental protection department says Kabul is designed to accommodate 750,000 people, but now there are about five million people living in the city which is the main reason for the high levels of pollution and other environmental problems.