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    Dozens of families displaced as clashes escalate in Kapisa

    MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Dozens of families have migrated to safer places in the Ala Sai district of central Kapisa province due to escalating clashes between security forces and militants, residents and officials said on Monday.

    The families have taken refuge in Shakot and other areas of Tagab district due to the ongoing clashes between security personnel and Taliban fighters over the past four days, a resident of Asandari village, Ataullah, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    "Clashes are ongoing and people have left their houses to avoid being caught in the crossfire," he said.

    Foreign forces launched a clean-up operation few days ago in the area, where clashes between the troops and Taliban fighters erupt with time to time, Jan Mohammad, who lives in Sultankhel area, said. "People can't go out of their houses due to firing in every direction. I decided today to take my family to a friend's house in Tagab district," he said.

    A displaced person from the district, Ahmadullah, said dozens of other families had also migrated to other areas.

    The district police chief, Mangari, said that foreign troops had informed local people before launching their operation against Taliban insurgents in the area.

    He confirmed the residents were faced with many problems and had moved to safer places.

    The district chief, Mullah Mohammad, said that Afghan and international troops had launched a joint operation in different areas of the district against insurgents since last four days.