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    Karzai urged to give Paktia representation in Cabinet

    GARDEZ (PAN): Tribal elders in southeastern Paktia province on Thursday warned of launching a protest movement if the President did not choose a minister for his Cabinet from the province.

    The call was made at a gathering in Gardez city, the provincial capital. A large number of elders, provincial and district council members, ulema and civil society representatives attended the gathering.

    Provincial council head, Khayesta Jan Ahadi, on the occasion said residents of the province risked their lives by braving security threats to participate in last year's parliamentary elections, but they were not given representation in the Cabinet.

    She demanded of Hamid Karzai to appoint a minister in his Cabinet from Paktia.

    Tribal elder, Janat Khan Mangal, who served a campaigner for Karzai during the last presidential election, said he had time and again urged the president in this regard, but he did not show interest.

    He warned if Karzai did not include a minister from Paktia in his list of remaining Cabinet ministers, people of the province would launch a protest movement against him.