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    New Kapisa governor vows better security

    MEHMOOD RAQI (PAN): The newly-appointed governor of central Kapisa province identified on Saturday improvement in the security situation as his top priority.

    Gen. Mehrabuddin Safi, a former jihad commander, took charge at a ceremony in Mehmood Raqi, the provincial capital. He told participants his second priority would be execution of development projects.

    The ceremony at the governor's house was also attended by the head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Barna Karimi, his deputy Qutbuddin Roidad, presidential advisor Zahir Safi, parliamentarians, provincial officials and tribal elders.

    Safi said that the new governor was a resident of Alasai district and a former jihadi commander affiliated with the Jamiat-i-Islami party. Safi was an experienced man and would be able to perform his duty efficiently, he added.

    Safi previously worked at the Afghan embassy in Pakistan's capital Islamabad during mujahidin's rule. He received higher education in India.

    The Kapisa governor's post remained vacant over the past seven months. He replaces Khwaja Abu Bakar.