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    AUAF graduates receive degrees


    KABUL (PAN): Thirty-two students of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) celebrated their graduation at a commencement ceremony in Kabul on Thursday.

    The students, including eight women, received bachelor’s degrees in business, information technology, computer science, political science and public administration.

    Congratulating the graduates, US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry said: "I am so impressed by what you have accomplished and by what this still new, but vibrant and rapidly growing university has achieved."

    A statement from USAID said the graduation was significant because it was the first commencement ceremony in the history of the university.

    After the award of a USAID grant to launch the start-up of the university, AUAF opened its doors in March 2006, and welcomed the first group of students entering the Foundation Studies Program.

    Dr. C. Michael Smith, who was invested as the president of AUAF, thanked the US government for its generosity and commitment to support the university.