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    Library for women opens in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): A newly established library for women has been opened in Gardez, the capital of southeastern Paktia province, by the provincial department of women's affairs, residents said on Friday.

    Provided with 3,000 books of education, literature, culture, human rights, history and others, the library was inaugurated in the premises of the women's affairs department in collaboration with the political wing of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA).

    Girls visiting the library said that earlier they had no such place to study books. They said the facility had all kinds of books of their choice.

    Maryam, one of the visitors, said she was very happy with the establishment of the library. "We are now able to quench our thirst for knowledge here," she said.

    She said the library would resolve problems earlier faced by women in access to books of their choice. However, she said if cultural problems facing women were paid attention, it would be a great service to the womenfolk.

    "Women are not allowed to go out of homes," Maryam said, calling on the government to establish libraries at girls' schools.

    Salgai, another girl, suggested that the government should arrange mobile libraries for girls. "Because most of women cannot visit this library due to restrictions on their movements," she said.

    Paktia women's affairs director, Haleema Khazan, said it was her long-standing demand to have a library exclusively for women. She said her demand was finally met. She said the library was opened to women belonging to all walks of life.