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    Paktia residents unhappy with parliamentarians

    GARDEZ (PAN): Residents of south-eastern Paktia province say parliamentarians elected from the province have failed to carry out a single reconstruction project since their election last year.

    The public representatives even failed to honour promises they had made with people during their election campaigns, residents alleged.

    Iqal Zala, a resident of Amarkhel village in Zazai Aryub district, told Pajhwok Afghan News that MPs from Paktia had failed to do something for the wellbeing of people.

    He alleged that some ongoing reconstruction projects were stopped after MPs demanded their share in the schemes.

    "MPs have been demanding their shares in development schemes in order to regain their election campaign expenses," Zala said.

    When asked a resident of Halim village about the last six months performance of lawmakers, Haji Mamor said the MPs had been engaged in matters of their own interest and had no care for their voters.

    He said not a single promise the lawmaker had made with people had been fulfilled so far.

    He said a road project linking Shahr-i-Naw with Janikhel Puri was in progress before the Sept 18 elections, but the work on the project had been stopped since lawmakers from Paktia made it to the parliament.

    "I think they seek share in the project that is why it has been stopped," Mamor suspected.

    Another resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, said MPs from Paktia had been busy working to strengthen their own reconstruction companies and seeking contracts from foreign organizations to make money.

    But a lawmaker from Paktia, Mohammad Nawab Mangal, said people not only in Paktia but across the country were faced with problems. He said he remained in contact with people of his constituency to help resolve their problems.

    Mangal said he used to travel different districts to listen to problems being faced by dwellers. He said if he could not solve a problem, he would contact the central government in this regard, but would stay calm until the problem is resolved.

    "There has been a delay in reconstruction projects across the country. It is not because of us, nor it is because of late approval of the budget," he said.