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    9 die of jaundice in Daikundi

    NEILI (PAN): Nine people have died of jaundice and 100 others are suffering from the infectious disease in the central province of Daikundi, officials said on Saturday.

    The disease broke out a month ago in the Syed Ahmad village of Shahristan district, where nine people have died so far, Public Health Director Dr. Zafar Ali told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    A team has been dispatched to the area to ascertain the number of people infected with jaundice. Only four of the patients have come to the district clinic, he said.

    "There are 300 houses in our village. One person in each house could be suffering from the communicable disease," believed Syed Ishaq, one of the patients.

    "My brother cannot eat anything. He has eaten nothing for the last couple of days. When I brought him to the clinic, doctors told me he is infected with jaundice," said Nazar, a resident of the Syed Ahmad village.

    Lack of appetite, vomiting, fever, tiredness, pain in the stomach, weakness and yellowness of the skin are symptoms of jaundice, according to Dr. Athari.