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    Fee for health services to be fixed soon

    KABUL (PAN): Fee for health services at hospitals would be announced and the structure referred to the cabinet for approval in a month, the Ministry of Public Health announced on Monday.

    Five years ago, the ministry had said that it was working on a fee structure to be implemented in state-run and private hospitals.

    Deputy Minister of Public Health, Naderi Hayat Borhani, told a press conference in Kabul that a technical team had been working on fee regulations with the Ministry of Justice. She said nothing about the delay in announcing the fee.

    But another health official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the delay was a result of differences between health and justice ministries over the fee rate. He did not think the matter could be resolved in a month.

    Borhani called fee implementation an effective legislative step, saying that patients would be charged in line with the facilities offered at hospitals. People have been complaining about high fees at private hospitals and a lack of facilities at government-run health clinics.

    Nearly 2,020 hospitals are currently operational across the country, according to the deputy minister. More than 70 percent of employees of these hospitals are women, according to her.