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    Shahjoy district hospital reopens

    QALAT (PAN): The Shah Joi district hospital that was closed a month back in the wake of insurgent threats reopened in southern Zabul province on Saturday, officials said.

    Some of the doctors and other staffers stopped working after being threatened by militants, Deputy Governor Muhammad Jan Rasulyar told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    The hospital had not been closed completely, he said, adding that it was reopened with the support of local people.

    District chief, Muhammad Siddique, said the hospital chief, doctors and other officials had returned to work. Patients could visit the facility. Most of those injured in the Shah Joi blast were treated in the same hospital two days ago.

    Resident Muhammad Ullah said although the hospital had reopened, doctors from other areas had left. Doctors who had private clinics in the area were requested by elders and officials to continue working in the hospital.

    Director of Public Health Dr. Sulaiman Sapi said he had no information about the reopening of the hospital. "I am unable to confirm it. Whenever I have information, I shall share it with the media."

    Last month, Sapi confirmed that the 30-bed hospital, which is visited by 300 patients on a daily basis, had been closed due to warnings from the insurgents.