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    14 truckloads of expired medicine seized

    KABUL (PAN): Ministry of Interior officials said on Monday 14 truckloads of expired medicine were seized in the Binihisar area of Kabul.

    The drugs smuggled into the country were recovered in the Wali Rahman market and seven suspects arrested, the ministry spokesman, Siddique Siddiqui, told a news conference.

    Shown to media representatives, one of the detainees said he had smuggled the medicine from Pakistan through southeastern Khost province.

    The drugs included sedatives, tonics, antibiotics and drips, which were either expired, or low quality or with no expiry dates. They were to be labeled in Kabul, public health ministry spokesman Dr. Ghulam Sakhi Kargar said.

    Some of the medicines were only for the Pakistani Army, he said. Other drugs were of low quality, Kargar added.

    On June 27, the ministry torched 15 tonnes of expired medicine and food items collected from different stores in the capital.