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    PRT-funded religious school opens in Kunar

    ASADBAD (PAN): A provincial reconstruction team-funded religious school was inaugurated on Monday in Asadabad, the capital of eastern Kunar province, officials said. 

    The seminary, where 700 students could be taught at a time, took a year to complete at a cost of $210,000 (9.8 million afs), the director of education said.    

    Syed Jamaluddin Hassani told Pajhwok Afghan News that the school, supplied with a solar power system, had 17 rooms and other requisite facilities.

    Governor Fazlullah Wahidi said many youngsters had to go to Pakistan to acquire religious education. The students, trained as suicide bombers at Pakistani Madaris, were told conduct attacks on their return to Afghanistan, he alleged.

    In order to end the exploitation of such impressionable minds, the governor said, the education ministry must take effective steps to promote religious education across the country.

    Currently, Director Hassani said, 8,540 students were enrolled at 22 religious schools across the province, bordering Pakistan's northwestern tribal region of Bajaur. Only five of the schools have proper buildings, with the rest operating in rural mosques.