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    Karzai, Gen. Allen condemn Uruzgan blast

    KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned on Wednesday a bomb blast in the Deh Rawud district of central Uruzgan province. Eight people were killed and several others wounded in the attack.

    Karzai denounced the bombing as a contemptible act of cowardice, the President Palace in Kabul said. "The killing of innocent people is worse than shirk (polytheism) and the perpetrators will be not forgiven by God."

    While conveying his condolence to the victims' families, the president prayed for early recovery of the injured. He warned the Afghan people would never forget the killing of their children.

    The president also denounced the killing of Rabia Sadaat, a female worker of the rural rehabilitation and development department, in Kandahar City.

    Gen John R. Allen, the International Security Assistance Force commander, also condemned the IED attack in Deh Rawud and the killing of Sadaat in Kandahar. 

    "The insurgents' brazen and heinous acts show their complete disregard for the Afghan people and their property," he said. "We mourn with our Afghan partners over this tragic loss of life.”