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    Diarrhea kills 3, affects dozens in Khost

    KHOSTCITY(PAN): At least three people have died of and more than a hundred others are suffering from a cholera-like communicable infection in southeastern Khost province, officials and locals said on Sunday.

    The affected areas include Musakhel, Gurbaz, Ismailkhel and several other mountainous places, where the victims were women and children, residents said.

    Nek Salam, a resident of the Zadran village in Alisher district, said the victims were suffering from a stomachache disease. One of his villagers has already died, while another 20 are said to carry the infection.

    Naqibullah, 25, who has admitted five relatives to the provincial civil hospital, told Pajhwok Afghan News that all of his family members were suffering from diarrhea.

    The victim feels stomachache and dehydration following fever; he complained about a lack of health centers and urged the government to prevent the further spread of the disease.

    Hidayatullah Hamidi, acting public health director, confirmed 119 people in inaccessible areas of Khost were suffering from a cholera-type disease, and three people have fallen prey to it.

    They have sent the victims' blood samples for diagnosis to Kabul, he informed, linking the problem to continuous rains and floods in Khost.

    The Public Health Department has initiated a public awareness drive through media outlets to inform people to avoid eatables that help spread the disease.