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    Some private institutes closed, others fined

    KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Education has closed 10 private higher education institutes, fined 11 and warned 31 others for violations its rules during the current year, a senior official said on Wednesday.

    As many as 67 institutes, including schools, colleges, seminaries and vocational and technical centres, had been allowed to start functioning, Deputy Minister of Education Siddique Patman said.

    Fifty-two out of the institutes faced different problems, such as a shortage of teaching staff, high fees, inordinate stationery prices and a failure to register with the ministry, he said.

    The closed institutes are Qadam Pa Qadam, Afghanistan Naween, Hakeem Sanai, Khalid bin Walid, Jawanan Maihan, Itimad No 2, Arakoziya School, Kainat, Khaista Hewad and Khurasan.

    A spokesman for the ministry, Amanullah Aiman, said the institutes could be reopened if they met the prescribed formalities and followed rules. There are a total of 531 private education institutes in the country and 251 of them are located in Kabul.