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    Avoid recalling the dead to bereaved families on Eid: Ulema

    KABUL (PAN): Religious scholars have urged people to avoid visiting bereaved families who have lost members to offer prayers for the dead on the occasion of Eid.

    Afghans traditionally visit relatives and friends who have lost a member to offer prayers for the dead.

    Mufti Shamsurrahman Frotan, a religious scholar in Kabul, said there is no clear-cut prohibition in Islam to visit such families on Eid, but visitors should avoid remembering the dead in order the day is passed happily instead of sorrow.

    "Visiting a bereaved family after three days of the festival is prohibited," he added, pointing out to a Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Bukhari Sharif which forbids offering condolence to a bereaved family after three days.

    Frotan also called on the bereaved families to avoid grieving during Eid days and urged them to wear new outfits and stay in high spirits.

    However, he said newly-widowed must avoid thinking about second marriage, putting make-up for the first four months and ten days after the festival.

    "Families can perform burial and other traditional customs for person who dies on the day of Eid," Frotan added.

    A Supreme Court official and religious scholar Maulvi Sadeequllah Muslim said Eid is a Muslim festival and must be filled with happiness. "The Prophet has declared Eid as Muslim festival and whoever changes this festival into a mournful day is against the statement of our prophet," he argued.