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    Taliban solve people’s disputes in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Most of disputes among residents of southeastern Paktia province are being solved by the Taliban and tribal elders.
    People prefer solving their disputes through tribal elders because moving a court wastes their time and money, with some people referring their matters to Taliban who solve them instantly.
    Many people of restive districts of the province believe that the decisions made by Taliban had good results.
    "During the Taliban regime, tribal elders would solve disputes, but sometimes people would refer their cases to the Taliban," a resident of Zormat district, Arif, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
    "The Taliban's decisions would take less time, neither would they demand any bribe from people, nor people would try to give them money as bribe," he recalled.
    Another resident of the district, Zahir Khan, said the government departments used delaying tactics in resolving their cases. Therefore, he said, people opt to contact the Talibab. "If the situation continues in the same way, more people would reach the Taliban to solve their disputes," he said.
    He claimed to have witness a case resolved by the Taliban. "Their decision was in benefit of people and no one criticised the decision," he said.
    "The Taliban follow the implementation of their decisions. That is why people like to resolve their cases by them," a writer and journalist, Ehsanullah Mahjoor, said. "The Taliban don’t accept bribe which is common among government employees," he said.
    He said courts sometimes remain partial in the delivery of justice in favour of those who paid money in bribe to judges.
    "Another reason why people contact the Taliban is that that people afraid of them, so they respect their decisions," the journalist said.
    Head of an appellant court, Abdul Jalil Maulvizada, accepted that judges could not perform their duties properly due to the security situation in some districts.
    “People prefer Taliban and accept their decisions. It is clear that people of Zormat and some other district contact the Taliban to resolve their problems,” he said.
    "Bribery is not common in courts, but there may be some people who accept it," he said.
    A Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they had a commission for solving people's problems in order to maintain friendship among people.