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    Eidul Fitr celebrated across Afghanistan

    KABUL (PAN): People across the country, including the capital Kabul, on Tuesday celebrated the first day of Eidul Fitr, the biggest religious festival of Muslims, without any major security incident.

    In Kabul Eid prayers were offered at the Eidgah Mosque, Pul Khushti, Wazir Akbar Khan and other parts of the city.

    President Hamid Karzai along with a number of people, including senior government officials, jihadi leaders and tribal elders, offered Eid prayers at the Presidential Palace.

    Religious scholars in their sermons highlighted the importance of the day. Special prayers were offered for the prospierty, development, peace and stability of the country.

    The interior ministry announced that stringent security arrangements had been taken to deal with any untoward situation during the festival.

    During his speech after Eid prayers, President Karzai once again renewed his call for peace to the rebels, urging them to renounce violence and arrive at the negotiation table.