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    Rains destroy grape farms in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Heavy rains that lasted two days last week damaged many acres of grapes farms in southern Ghazni province, officials said on Tuesday.

    Provincial Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Director, Sultan Hussain Abbasyar, said they had reports about damages caused to grape farm by recent heavy rains in 10 districts including Gillan, Gero, Qarah Bagh, Jaghori, Andar, Rasheedan, Waghaz, Deh Yak, Khugyani and the provincial capital, Ghazni city.

    Abbasyar had no details about the exact amount of losses, but said there was heavy damage from rains.

    The area has hundreds of grape farms and local resident are dependent upon farming. Rains and floods also destroyed their grapes last year.

    A local farmer in Noghi village, Muhammad Arif, said his grapes became rotten and that the rains caused 80 percent damage to his farm.

    All farms of grapes in the district have been damaged by heavy downpour, the Andar district chief, Sher Khan Yousafzai, said, adding they had informed the authorities concerned about the situation, but there has been no response on the call.

    He suggested if the government established cold storages and juice factories, the problems facing farmers would be solved.