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    Photo exhibition depicting early Afghan-US ties opens

    KABUL (PAN): A photo exhibition, celebrating over one hundred years of Afghan-US relations, was inaugurated in Kabul on Wednesday.

    Organised by Meridian International Center, Washington DC, at the Bagh-i-Babari in Kabul city with support from the US Department of State, the exhibition, In Small Things Remembered,  depicts in visual form the history of Afghanistan's relations with the US from the 1930s to 1970s.

    Second Vice President, Karim Khalili, Information and Culture Minister, Syed Makhdom Rahim and US ambassador, Ryan Crocker visited the exhibition.

    The show that showcases reproductions of archival photographs and documents is aimed at providing the people of Afghanistan and the US insight into early US-Afghan relations and the friendship they engendered.

    Uninterrupted US-Afghan connections began only one hundred years ago when an American engineer employed by Amir Habibullah constructed a hydropower plant at Jablul Siraj area near Kabul, although the first American to live in Afghanistan arrived in the 1820s.

    In her message, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the presentation was a testament to the depth and breadth of their partnership with the people of Afghanistan.

    "Our relations did not begin on Sept. 11, 2001. This friendship dates back to the 1910s, before the independence of Afghanistan and our first diplomatic contact," she wrote.

    The Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Zalmay Rassoul, said the exhibition would provide a unique perspective on one of Afghanistan's historical partnerships in the international arena.

    He said US-Afghan relations, beginning in the first half of the previous century, had evolved during different historical epochs, including periods of peace and prosperity as well as change and uncertainty.