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    Diarrhea kills nine children in Ghor

    CHEGHCHARAN (PAN): At least nine minors have died due to an outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting allegedly for lack of potable water and scorching climate in Saghar district of western Ghor province in the last three days, officials said.

    Abdul Ali Rasuli, acting Director of provincial Public Health department, told Pajhwok Afghan News that the outbreak in Akhiri village of the district claimed the lives of five girls and four children under-two-years of age.

    A health team with medicine was deployed to the area to aid with the district clinic to control further spread of the infection, he assured.

    The disease spread in three areas of the district where 16 children with similar symptoms were administered in the health clinic, he worried, asserting that the disease was caused by warm weather and lack of potable water.

    "The infection can claim children's lives in 24 hours" he warned, advising the parents for immediate transfer of infected offspring to the clinic center. 

    “My 18-month child died of the diarrhea and vomiting at 1pm after 13 hours suffering,” Mahiuddin a resident of the district, mourned.

    “We failed to take my children to health clinic for it is far away from us, and also had no medicine to give to baby,” he sighed.

    Three children of his neighbors also died of the disease, he complained.

    When his son got diarrhea, he started vomiting and coughed which caused his death, another resident of the district, Aqa Mohammad, said. “Eventhough I took my child to clinic, he passed away within a day,” he said.

    Neither there was medicine in the clinic nor the doctors paid attention to child, he complained.

    180 kilometre from provincial capital, Cheghcharan district, has a 16-bed clinic with four doctors and two nurses.