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    Gas, flour rates drop in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Gas and flour prices dropped while rates of other daily-use items stayed unchanged during the outgoing week in Kabul, retailers said on Thursday.

    The price of one kilogram of liquefied gas decreased to 45 afghanis ($0.95) from 50 afs, a Taimani-based gas dealer, Obaidullah, told Pajhwok Afghan News. He linked the fall to abundant gas supplies.

    A 50-kilogram sack of Pakistani flour accounted for 955afs, showing a 15afs decrease, compared to last week, said the Food Traders' Union head, Fazlul Rahman.

    The flour price declined due to a seven percent cut in the import duty announced by the Ministry of Finance a few days back, he said.

    A 50-kg bag of Brazilian sugar accounted for 2,410afs and the same amount of Pakistani rice for 2,500afs. A five-kg cane of Spin Ghar ghee cost 430afs, a kilo of black tea 190afs and the same amount of green tea 160afs.

    But wholesale rates of food items varied from retail prices in some parts of the city.

    Samsor, a shopkeeper in the Baraki locality, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani flour for 1,100 afs, the same amount of rice for 2,650afs and a 50-kg sack of Brazilian sugar for 2,550afs.

    He sold a five-kg cane of Spin Ghar ghee for 480afs, a kg of African back tea for 200afs and the same amount of Indonesian green tea for 180afs.

    A fuel station worker in the Baraki square, Shamsul Haq, said one litre of diesel and petrol each stood at 58afs, the same as last week.

    Jeweller Abdul Basir said one gram of Arabian gold accounted for 2,400afs and the same amount of the Iranian variety for 2,000afs, same as last week.

    Moneychanger Syed Shafiq said the buying rate of a US dollar was 47.35afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees 545afs. Last week's exchange value of a greenback stood at 47.15afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees at 547afs.