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    No compromise on media freedom: Nai

    KABUL (PAN): A media support group said on Monday a compromise on press freedom in the name of peace talks between the government and insurgents would never be allowed.

    "Neither President Hamid Karzai nor the Afghan government reserves the right to compromise media freedom," said Siddiqullah Tawhidi, the Nai director.

    Tawhidi said basic freedoms, including the freedom of expression, could be compromised under the garb of negotiations between the authorities and the Taliban.

    Political compromises would not only damage the cause of peace but also impinge on 10 years of freedom, he warned, asking the High Peace Council to protect basic constitutional liberties.

    He criticised the Council for not sharing information regarding the reconciliation effort with media outlets and said the freedom of speech was journalists' fundamental right.

    He took great pains to explain that Afghan media outlets did not, and would not, oppose the government's efforts at bringing the rebels into the social mainstream. However, they wanted to be informed, Tawhidi said.

    Despite repeated attempts, Pajhwok Afghan News could not obtain the council's view. The government says it is ready to talk to Afghan Taliban if they accept the constitution and cut ties to the Al Qaeda network.