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    Roadside bomb blast kills three security guards in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Three private security guards were killed as result of roadside bomb blast in the southeastern province of Paktia, on Wednesday, an official said.

    The incident took place when the vehicle of the guards, they were driving in struck the roadside bomb in Rabat area on the outskirts of provincial capital, this afternoon,  a commander of the private company, Amin Pajhwok Afghan News.

    One of the two suspects, who were trying to flee the area soon after the bombing wounded when the guards opened fire on them while escaping, and was in police custody, however, he did not go into details whether the wounded suspect was militant or not.

    In the northern Balkh two people were killed in clash tribal militiamen with unknown gunmen in Nahr-i-Shahi district an official said. The clash erupted in Turkmania bazaar of the district, the provincial police chief, Brig. Gen. Abdul Rouf Taj, said.

    Identities of the two men killed in the clash were yet to be recognized, he said, adding that the militiamen also seized an AK-47, from the two people.

    Identifying the victims as Syed Mohammad and Baaz Mohammd, a resident, Pir Mohammad said, the two killed in today's clash were civilians. Sayed Mohammad was farmer and Baaz Mohammad was an employee of National Solidarity Programme (NSP), he went on.

    In other news two children killed as many wounded when an unexploded device found in an old house went off in Padkhab-i-Shan area on the outskirts of provincial capital, Pul-i-Alam of the central Logar province an official.

    The children had been playing with the unexploded device, when it detonated, police chief, Brig. Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Rough Liwanai, said.