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    Governor says he won't brook inefficiency

    GARDEZ (PAN): The governor of southeastern Paktia province, Juma Khan Hamdard, on Tuesday warned government employees, including district and police chiefs, against inefficiency.

    Government servants who do not improve their performance should resign to pave the way for the appointment of competent people, Hamdard told a conference. All district and police chiefs participated in the conference on better coordination.

    He blamed district chiefs for absenteeism and failing to discharge their duties in an efficient manner. "There has been a lack of coordination among district and police chiefs. I cannot tolerate its continuance."

    Provincial head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi, confirmed the lack of coordination among district and police chiefs.

    "Whenever the district offices, most government staffers are absent. This creates problems for the people and as a result they lose confidence in the government," he said.