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    Allah’s name appears on animal brain

    MEHTARLAM (PAN): The word “Allah” appeared on a cow’s brain after it was slaughtered by a butcher in eastern Laghman province, people said on Monday.

    As per usual, he slew a cow in Mehtarlam, the capital of Laghman, and sold its brain on one of his costumers, without knowing there was a word “Allah” on it, butcher Faizullah told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    When the costumer took the brain to his house, he observed Allah’s named on it, he added. “They are the signs of Allah’s might, so everyone should fully believe on God,” he explained.

    The costumer, Syed Husain, said his female family members were rinsing the brain to cook it, when they saw the name of Allah on it.

    He said he had observed the names of Allah on rock, water melon and other things in the past. He would keep the brain for few days and bury it after it dried up, he added.

    “People who deny monotheism should learn a lesson from the signs of Allah’s power and believe on Him,” religious leader Maulvi Abdul Wadoon said.

    Last month, the name was Allah had also appeared on a snake in Alingar district.