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    School buildings inaugurated in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Newly-constructed buildings for two schools were inaugurated in the 13th police district of the capital Kabul on Sunday, an official said.

    The Japanese-funded project cost $ 615,000 and took one year to complete, said Amanullah Iman, the Education Ministry spokesman.

    He said the building for the Sharak-i-Mehdia High School had 22 and the one for the Syedul Shuhada High School had 12 classrooms.

    About 10,000 students have been studying in the Syedul Shuhada High School and 3,000 in Shahrak-i-Mehdia. The Japanese government had also provided desks and chairs for the schools, the official said.

    "We are happy because previously we have to study under tent," said Rahima, an eighth grade student.

    A decade ago, 1,200 schools had been operational across the country, with half of them lacking proper buildings, said Sayed Hamidullah, the deputy education minister.

    Currently, 50 per cent of the 14,000 schools had no buildings, he said. About 42 per cent of children have no access to education, he concluded.