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    Balkhi square being built in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Construction work on a square to be named after scientist and historian Hakim Nasir Khasraw Balkhi was launched in the capital Kabul on Wednesday.

    Funded by Nasir Khisraw Balkhi Cultural Association, the square is being constructed in the 4th police district. The project is estimated to cost $ 87,000 with a timescale of 45 days.

    The foundation stone was laid at a ceremony which was also attended by Syed Makhdom Rahin, the acting information and culture minister.

    Rahin said it was a historic day for Afghans that a monument was being built in the memory of renowned historic figure of Afghanistan.

    Traders had funded the construction of such projects to add to the beauty of Kabul city, but it was a unique project, Kabul Mayor, Eng. Mohammad Yunus Nawandish remarked.

    The genius, author and poet of Dari Language, Hakim Nasir Khisraw Balkhi, was born on 394 Afghan calendar year in Balkh province.

    Nawandish urged traders to cooperate with the municipality in preserving the beauty of Kabul and keeping the city clean.