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    400 Wardak families gain access to electricity

    MAIDAN SHAHR (PAN): About 400 families were supplied electricity in the Shaheed Daud Khan area of central Maidan Wardak province on Thursday, officials said.  

    Da Afghanistan Brekhna Shirkat (DABS) had established a power station at a cost of 5.4 million afghanis ($113,398) in the area, Governor Muhammad Haleem Fidayee, told the inaugural ceremony.

    Hailing the scheme as a positive development, he claimed 6.1 megawatts of electricity was supplied to the province from Kabul due to his efforts. He said three power stations had already been set up in the province.

    Electricity from the fourth station would also be supplied to Ibrahimkhel, Awalkhel, Faulad Khan, Deh Afghanan and Zamankhel villages in coming days, he promised.   

    DABS deputy head Abdul Malik said they planned to provide electricity to the remaining areas of Maidan Wardak. Provincial Council head Muhammad Hazrat Janan asked residents to play their role in securing reconstruction and welfare projects.