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    New development projects promised in Khost

    KHOST CITY (PAN): The Afghan government and donor agencies have promised to support development projects in southeastern Khost province, the governor's office said on Monday.

    A number of new reconstruction projects are expected to be initiated in the near future, a press release from the governor's house said. 

    It added the proposed projects included a bridge connecting the Sheikh Zayed University with the office complex, wells in various areas, buildings for educational institutions, a public library and a museum.

    The Counter-Narcotics Ministry has promised development projects in the province if its residents avoided cultivating poppies. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) had also pledged several projects, the statement said.

    Seeking approval of the projects, a 19-member delegation of religious scholars, tribal elders, members of civil society and government officials had visited Kabul several times.  

    The delegation held a series of meetings with government officials and representatives of aid agencies. As a result of their efforts, several development projects were launched in the province.