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    Construction of school buildings urged

    KABUL (PAN): Officials of various schools operating in rented houses have asked the Ministry of Education, the Kabul Mayor and well-off people to construct buildings for their institutions.

    The principal of Qala-i-Zaman Khan High School, Fatima Azim, said about 7,000 students were studying in the school, which had no capacity to accommodate new students.

    She was addressing participants of a meeting attended by representatives from the education ministry, lower house and area residents in Kabul on Thursday. Azim called for urgent measures at resolving the problems so as new comers could be enrolled in the school next year.

    "Currently, we are paying more than 70,000 afghanis a month in rent for our school building," she said.

    Officials of the Char Qala-i-Wazirabad Secondary School also said the school lacked a building of its own and has been housed in a rented building.

    Zahir Shah, the school vice principal, said up to 9,000 students were getting education in the school. He said they paid 180,000 afghanis in rent to the building's owner. He said still most of the students were housed in tents.

    "The education ministry is trying to find a solution to the problem," the ministry spokesman Amanullah Iman said.

    About 100 schools in Kabul were operational in rented buildings, with the education ministry paying 16 million afghanis in rent annually, he said. "The rent rate depends on location of buildings", Iman said

    In the capital Kabul, there are 500 schools which are unable to meet requirements of Kabul citizens.