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    Paktia residents assail public representatives

    GARDEZ (PAN): Residents of southeastern Paktia province blame provincial council members for paying no attention to their problems, but the council chief says they have no authority to meet some public demands.

    People of some districts and the provincial capital warned they would boycott the next election, because their current representatives were not working for their welfare.

    Mohammadi, a resident of Ahmadabad district, told Pajhwok Afghan News he would not vote and would urge others people not to back any of the sitting members, who have been promoting their personnel interests and addressing the problems of their blue-eyed boys.

    Samkani district dwellers would not participate in the election if their representatives continued to ignore their problems, resident Haji Mamoor said. "If provincial council members continue with their inefficiency, they won't win our votes."

    Residents of Gardez, the provincial capital, also accused their representatives of doing nothing to address their concerns. A shopkeeper said he had no personal demand, but wanted the public representatives them to work for the development of the province.

    They should not hold out promises they could not meet, Sardar remarked, identifying electricity as a big problem of the people. He asked the council to do all it could to resolve the problem, he stressed.

    But the provincial council chief insisted that parliamentarians from Paktia and council members were discharging their duties well, but residents were unaware of their activities.

    Khaista Jan Ahadi said: "As a result of our efforts, more faculties at Paktia University have been approved, worked on the Machlagho dam launched and many roads constructed. We are also keeping an eye on the government performance."

    Many people wanted to get passports or identity cards within an hour and asked their representatives to go with them to the department concerned, he added. "Some of their demands are beyond our authority."