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    Casualties as Nangarhar tribesmen, police clash (Video)

    NANGARHAR, Oct 29, 2011: An operation has been launched against gunmen of a tribe after they attacked security forces in the Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Saturday.

    Over the past two years, two sub-tribes of the Shinwari tribe ---Ali Sherkhel and Sepai --- have been fighting each other over state-owned land in the district. So far dozens of people have suffered casualties.

    On Tuesday, Governor Gul Agha Sherzai ordered security officials to take stern action against the tribes engaged in the armed conflict.

    On Thursday, the tribes promised to pull out their gunmen from the disputed desert, but the Sepai tribesmen laced with guns attacked a base of security forces on Friday.

    Sherzai, commanders of Afghan National Army (ANA) and police were holding a meeting on the base, border police commander, Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    Two policemen were injured in the attack and seven attackers were killed when the forces returned fire and another 65 attackers were detained during the clash, Spin Ghar district police chief, Malak Zarjan, said.

    PAJHWOK/ Babrak Amirzada