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    Residents not helping in cleaning Kabul: mayor

    KABUL (PAN): The Kabul Municipality on Tuesday blamed residents for not cooperating with it in cleanliness of the capital city, where the culture of living in a clean environment remained weak.

    At a gathering of 600 community elders from 22 districts of the city, Kabul Mayor Mohammad Younus Nawandesh said the city could not be kept clean without people's cooperation with municipality workers.

    "Lack of cooperation from locals shows the culture of keeping the city clean is still very weak," he said, asking residents to extend a helping hand to municipality staff.

    Masihullah, a community leader from the seventh police district, said work on the road connecting the Chehel Satoon area with the downtown was yet to be completed, creating problems for the people.

    The widening of the road was undertaken last year and a part of it between Bagh-i-Babar and the city center has been asphalted but work on the rest is still underway. Residents complain the work is too slow.

    In response to the complaints, Nawandesh said the problem would be discussed with other relevant officials. According to him, renovation work on different roads was underway in 90 areas of the city.

    Participants of the gathering told the mayor community elders, clerics and other influential figures be convinced to encourage residents to help municipality workers in cleaning the city.