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    Badakhshan customs revenue up by 59pc

    FAIZABAD (PAN): Northeastern Badakhshan province's custom revenue increased by 59 percent during the last eight months of the current Afghan year that started on March 21, officials said on Sunday.

    The ministry had projected the income for the year at 26,000,000 afghanis ($538,972), but it reached 44,000,000 afghanis ($912,106) in the first eight months, said Badakhshan customs officer, Sikandar Shaghni.

    Most of the income accrued to the department from duty on 3,555 illegal vehicles, smuggled from Tajikistan and Pakistan, Shaghni said, adding they lacked administrative offices, furniture and warehouses.

    Police interference hampered revenue collection in the province, complained the official, who blamed some security personnel for allowing unregistered vehicles to ply roads in some areas of the province.

    However, security officials rejected the claim as baseless. But finance ministry spokesman, Aziz Shams, acknowledged interference from security forces in customs affairs. He said they were in contact with the interior ministry on the issue.