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    Paktia nominees for Bonn Conference criticised

    GARDEZ (PAN): Two members nominated to represent southeastern Paktia province at the upcoming Bonn conference were criticised by a group of 35 civil society members on Tuesday.

    The nominees were employees of an NGO, Lamar Niazi, a spokesman for the Joint Association of Civil Society Groups, told a news conference.

    Document received from a reliable source show Dr. Niaz Muhammad Mandozai and Khadija Wardak have been named to represent the province at the conference, Okhtun Cultural Society head Muhammad Naeem Ahmadzai said.

    Niazi urged the international community, Afghan government and organisers of the Dec. 5 conference to ensure the presence of the representatives recommended by civil society. "We are unhappy with the selection of the two people."

    No one consulted them and other civil society groups on the selection of the representatives, civil society leader Niazullah Aseel said.

    Loya Paktia Cultural Society chief Syed Jamal Asifkhel also demanded replacement of the representatives selected.

    A resolution was handed over to UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and provincial office of the human rights body at the end of the news conference.


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