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    Traffic accidents leave 2 dead in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Two people died and another 10 sustained injuries in two separate road accidents in south-eastern Paktia province on Saturday, officials said.

    The first accident took place near the police headquarters in Gardez city, the provincial capital, when a car crashed into a truck, traffic official Tooryalai said.

    Two people were killed in the crash, he said, identifying the dead as a court official and a teacher at a police training academy.

    The civil hospital director, Hayagul Paktin, confirmed receiving two dead bodies and four injured people at the hospital.

    The injured included a former Paktia Public Health Director, Nazar Mohammad Habib, he said.   

    In the second accident that occurred in Tiri Kandaw area of the province left six people injured.

    The accident involved two cars. The injured are said to be in stable condition.