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    Deh Sabz villages being developed: DCDA

    KABUL (PAN): Existing villages on the edge of the capital city will not be destroyed, but developed, under the ongoing New Kabul City Master Plan, the Deh Sabz City Development Authority (DCDA) said on Tuesday.

    Preservation of 54 villages in Deh Sabz and Barikab districts is one of the five programmes included in the first phase of implementation of the master plan, DCDA said in a statement. The villages will benefit from development projects.

    In close cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), DCDA said it had planned and implemented development projects in 26 villages of Deh Sabz. Implementation of some projects had already started, the statement added.

    With the first phase of the New City Master Plan underway in Deh Sabz's south, projects are being implemented in Bakhtiaran, Khwaja Chasht, Shah Mohammad, Yaka Darakht, Shorab, Sang Aab, Baba Qashqar, Aab Dara, Deh Sabz Khas, KatkKhel, Alikhel and Nawa areas.

    Member of the Independent Board and CEO of Deh Sabz -Barikab City Development Authority Eng. Ghulam Sakhi Hassanzada thanked Japan for its active role in planning and implementing the New Kabul City plan in several phases

    "I'm confident implementation of these projects will bring positive changes in the lifestyle of villagers in coming years. Agriculture products will meet villagers' demands and they will gain access to Kabul markets," he said.

    A feasibility study of power supply will be initiated in the near future by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Discussions continue with donors for financing infrastructure development, the authority said.