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    8 detained for having ties to Haqqani network

    GARDEZ (PAN): An Afghan-foreign force on Wednesday said eight suspected insurgents had been arrested on charges of having links to the Haqqani network in the southeastern province of Paktia.

    The suspects were involved in attacks and roadside bombs against Afghan and foreign soldiers, a statement from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said.

    Roohullah Samoon, the governor's spokesman, said the men were captured in Samkani district. Details about the detainees, currently being interrogated, would be released later on, he added.

    But a provincial council member, Shaista Jan Ahadi, accused the foreign soldiers of arresting ordinary people. The men, all residents of Zazai Maidan district, were detained in Samkani, he said.

    Tribal elders had informed the provincial council that the detainees had no links to any anti-government group, he said. Around 20 people were arrested in Samkani last month on charges of having ties to the rebel network.